Hi I’m Jordan, this is my website.

I’m a coder at Hello Games, working on No Man’s Sky.

Most of my personal projects are focused on C/C++ and C#, although I also have experience working with Java, Lua, HTML, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET and VB.NET. The main platforms of my projects have been Windows, Android and iOS using several different engines, in order of experience: Unity, Monkey X, UE4 and Cocos2D.

My main passion in programming has been procedural generation and all the areas that surround it. Voxel based engines, coherent noise algorithms, realistic terrain generation and of course optimisation have been a key element in most of my projects, the most notable being my open source coherent noise generation library FastNoise and it’s bigger brother FastNoise SIMD. Designed for performance these libraries outperform all other open source noise libraries I have found online.