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59 Responses

  1. KillER2000 says:

    It is a good game

  2. corvin says:

    Хорошая игра

  3. Killerman904 says:

    Is it for any device or no because I want it really bad plz respond

  4. Alex says:

    Every time i open the “csgo mobile server.exe” app it always says “Windows cannot find, ‘C:\users\alex\appdata\local\temp\\CSGO Mobile Server.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

    what do i do??

  5. Georgekiller12 says:

    It is very good Game

  6. Daniel O'B says:

    one thing I just want to check is: does this get past VAC? Because, although it isn’t cheating, VAC has a tendency to detect things like that and get confused. Or is it just executing console commands?

  7. ZerZockt says:

    Can it be VAC banned

  8. fresg says:

    There is a version for mac OS X?

  9. fresg says:

    Please create a way to use it with the newest OS X

    By the way, nice app!!!

  10. Ezekiel says:

    What about a Samsung Galaxy core prime

  11. PinkisLT says:

    when i open its says CS:GO installation not found, what i should do next? even when i press OK it says select path but still no luck, i go to csgo location but it stills says same thing that installation not found

  12. chaekrok says:

    plz make for mobile cause it willbe so fun

  13. Hulahulk1 says:

    Fhritp Can I actually play the game against people or just see the guns and can I get camos and Will It download anything on my phone beside the program?

  14. vlad says:

    when I go to the game through the app shows the entrance to a mistake in the game

  15. Smileycracker says:

    It works on non steam ?

  16. Quin says:

    Can this get you banned in competitive?

  17. TEOvesen says:

    Well, i tried for like 15mins to get the program working, but it always showed the same error, zip or mo zip. Wtf am i supposed to do? Does it not work with windows8? Am I stupid? And, when it fails it seems i cant delete the file. Btw the error is the same as Alex had. Please answer, looks like an awesome program and i will tell my friends to get it. Thanks in beforehand.

  18. Exostomper says:

    after i set up csgo automatically and start the server, i check the ip adress and port on the phone, everything is well set up, but when i try to connect it connects aproximatively 1 minute and then says Error Could not connect to PC everytime. what is wrong with it?

  19. I don't know says:

    I don’t have a pc will it still work?

  20. Alex says:

    You sure I won’t get vacbanned? Or something?

  21. Victor hugo Hugo says:

    Kkkk lixo

  22. Stevie emmert says:

    Please help me what do I type in I cant read the video it to small

  23. Thomas says:


  24. Hotbun says:

    Do I need a computer?

  25. Maxim van den Bos says:

    Hi Jordan, I downloaded the server.exe but it says it cant find my csgo installation where do I find it?

  26. Ramy Mahana says:

    THanks man it is making it easy

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