Hex Terrain Demo

I started this project to learn Unity and is my first real attempt at 3D game programming. It features a basic procedurally generated terrain made up of hexagonal beams and some simple AI who wander the landscape.

Hex Terrain Demo1
There is also a map view where the player can fully see the expanse of the landscape, which can be fairly large if the view distance is turned up.

Hex Terrain Demo2

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  1. Jonatas Henrique says:

    Good evening, this is a very beautiful work voxel , I was very pleased to see what you can do.
    I am programming student, and I’m trying to learn about the programming of land in voxel , I found your site.
    so I have to ask:
    is there any chance you give the source code of the project? please answer me , this one’s project could serve as a basis for my disertação in college and maybe even one day become a real thing too, since already bound .
    ha and sorry for my English a little bad , I am Brazilian . 🙂

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