Author: Jordan Peck

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Top Down Shooter

Top Down Shooter is a fun concept game which I made over a weekend. Up to 4 players, local or online, play together to survive in an arena against a continuous stream of enemies....

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Hex Terrain Demo

I started this project to learn Unity and is my first real attempt at 3D game programming. It features a basic procedurally generated terrain made up of hexagonal beams and some simple AI who...

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Controls WASD – Move Mouse – Look Mouse L – Break Block Mouse R – Place Block F – Flashlight M – Map View L – Regenerate world with new seed Page Up/Down –...

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The Idea

I was inspired to make Hexplorer after seeing the image below on this reddit thread. I started by creating the hex terrain demo since I had never used Unity before and wanted to learn...

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Hexplorer is a voxel based game using hexagonal blocks to create the world. Terrain is created procedurally as the player walks around the environment from a random seed. The world size is technically infinite...

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Controls WASD – Move Mouse – Look Mouse L – Break block Mouse R – Place block Space – Jump F – Flashlight M – Map R – Reset Player Windows Download Mac Download...

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Setup Tutorial

CS:GO Mobile Server First Time Setup Download Link: CS:GO Mobile Server v2 Virus Total Result – Clean

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CS:GO Mobile

CS:GO Mobile allows you to buy weapons and equipment during a game, it’s simple layout is quick and easy to use and is designed to run alongside Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This app can...