Project: FastNoise

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FastNoise is an open source noise generation library with a large collection of different noise algorithms. This library has been designed for realtime usage from the ground up, so has been optimised for speed...

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Attempting to use SIMD for single noise values

I was testing using explicit SIMD for generating singles noise values. FastNoise SIMD works by calculating multiple noise positions in parallel, but this can be hard to use in some situations. The idea behind...

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FastNoise SIMD AVX512 Support

I had worked on AVX512 support a few months ago but had no hardware to test it on, and I didn’t want to release it without testing. Now thanks to Google cloud platform offering...

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FastNoise C# and Unity released

FastNoise C# GitHub FastNoise is a C++ noise generation library I designed for real-time terrain generation. Since the library has reached all my feature and performance goals, I decided to convert and release a...

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Performance Comparisons

Using default noise settings on FastNoise SIMD and matching those settings across the other libraries where possible. Timings below are x1000 ns to generate 32x32x32 points of noise on a single thread. CPU: Intel...

FastNoise Unity 3

FastNoise Unity

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FastNoise SIMD

FastNoise SIMD is the SIMD implementation of my noise library FastNoise. It aims to provide faster performance through the use of intrinsic(SIMD) CPU functions. Vectorisation of the code allows noise functions to process data...